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How did you hear about STRAND?


Yes, it is, and much more! We offer claims support for clinical services, such as diabetes education, point of care testing, and more. We also assist in credentialing and contracting.
STRAND also offers consultant services for Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) accreditation, Diabetes Prevention Program Accreditation, and more. In fact, STRAND is the number one pathway in the country for pharmacies to attain DSME accreditation. Just be willing…we’ll make you able.
STRAND fits in your workflow. We’re pharmacists ourselves, so we get it. We have single sign-on integration with the top pharmacy systems in the country. We’re also a complete clinical intervention platform, giving you the tools needed for over 20 different clinical services, allowing you to document, bill, report, and more. If there’s an accreditation needed (such as with DSME services), we’ll complete the paperwork for you. No other system brings you access to more clinical services.
STRAND is fully integrated with most pharmacy management systems (PMS). We also offer single sign-on integration with the top PMS systems. STRAND is fully compliant with all regulations and data is used and stored adhering strictly to the parameters set forth by the HIPAA Privacy Compliance Agreement for Business Associates.
First off, this isn't a question, but have no fear! We'll still help you out. What you need to do is go to the 'forgot password' page (here) and enter in your email address. If you have a STRAND account you will receive a link to reset your password. If you are still having troubles feel free to call or email us at
We offer packages that fit your practice. After all, we’re pharmacists ourselves. It is best to speak with the STRAND team to fully understand your needs and determine how STRAND can work for you. Please contact us at 706.210.9087 or email
All STRAND subscriptions provides access to our intervention platform as well as our support from our clinical and business teams. STRAND's platform allows you to document and communicate your clinical findings and will also bring you over 20 different clinical opportunities. We have additional service offerings which will depend on the services you select.
Nope! STRAND is a cloud-based platform, meaning that you can securely access it from any device that can connect to the internet.
Absolutely! Not only do we provide initial training, we also have a team that is dedicated to support you along the way.
STRAND walks you through the credentialing and contracting process with payers for clinical services (by the way, chances are your PSAO doesn’t do this). We call it the ProClaim Pathway. If you’ve been frustrated with offering a clinical service but not getting paid for those services, give us a call today!