We live in a pharmacy world with many abbreviations. There are MTMs, DTPs, TIPs…too many to name! We are adding another to your repertoire, CPESN. Trust us, this is one you need to know.

CPESN stands for a Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network. As the pharmacy landscape is changing, CPESN is a way for independent community pharmacies to work towards a common goal of providing enhanced services, differentiating themselves and transforming community pharmacy. The goal is to create local networks of pharmacies, or CPESN's, that are appealing to a payer or value added. CPESN's are rapidly developing across the nation right now. Joining is easy and painless...so what are you waiting for?

STRAND assists CPESN's in a variety of ways, including:

  • Documentation and Coding...all within the pharmacist's workflow
  • Consistent enhanced services throughout the entire CPESN
  • Powerful data to 'Tell the Story' of the CPESN
  • Performance reporting
  • Dedicated STRAND team members to offer network support

This only scratches the surface of what STRAND can do for CPESN's. When you're ready to learn more, simply connect with us. We'll schedule a time to learn more about your CPESN and show you why CPESN's across the country are choosing STRAND as their clinical partner.