STRAND Empowers Enhanced Services Billing Through Partnership with RelayHealth

STRAND Clinical Technologies announced today the partnership with RelayHealth, part of the McKesson Rx Technology Solutions business, along with the development of a new technology platform, Rx Medical Billing. Through this new pathway, pharmacists will be able to document and bill for clinical services within the pharmacists’ workflow, such as immunizations, diabetes education, point-of-care testing, specialty medications, and more.

The newly created RelayHealth RxMB pathway empowers a pharmacy or standalone pharmacist to bill for enhanced services by utilizing the X12 billing pathway, the typical billing pathway of physicians and hospitals. To complete the process, users will complete the claims process of enhanced services within their pharmacy management system (PMS). The user will also be able to document the clinical aspects of the encounter in the STRAND platform through a link provided by RxMB within the claim itself. STRAND will also provide next level capabilities of the intervention and documentation, such as providing care coordination with other members of the healthcare team.

The partnership will ensure a consistent workflow for enhanced services documentation and billing while maintaining a completely paperless experience.

“We’re so pleased to welcome RelayHealth to STRAND as a strategic partner. As enhanced services opportunities continue to expand, pharmacies need powerful tools to engage patients within their workflow,” said David Pope, Chief of Innovation and Co-Founder of STRAND Clinical Technologies. “Through the partnership, pharmacists have access to an end-to-end solution that simplifies the number of dashboards they’re using on a daily basis. We’re thrilled to work alongside a fantastic team to improve patient outcomes and provide powerful reimbursement opportunities for clinical encounters. Relay Health has consistently led the way in providing clinical connectivity to physicians, patients, hospitals and more using innovative health information technology. This is a natural and significant evolution for us as we seek to enable our pharmacists with the right tools at the right time.”

The addition of placing the STRAND platform into the pharmacist’s workflow via Relay Health’s integration is a welcome addition to an already robust offering, including opioid abuse prevention and diabetes education, among others. Pharmacists utilizing the STRAND platform have the opportunity to document, communicate, intervene, and bill for a myriad of clinical services.

Is your Pharmacy Credentialed and Contracted to Bill for Enhanced Services?

Our consultants can help you through every step of the process.

Once you've completed credentialing and contracting, it's time to start billing. Here are a few examples of billable services:

  • Diabetes Self Management Education (DSME) is a reimbursable service that pharmacists are actively being paid for by Medicare.
  • Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is another reimbursable service through Medicare and various private insurances as well.
  • Some states are now reimbursing for A1c and Cholesterol assessments, administering immunizations, smoking cessation and much more*

*all states are able to bill for different clinical services, contact our team today to see what you can do in your state.