Success Stories


Integrating documentation and billing of clinical services into the pharmacy workflow has been a learning curve for us all- but Strand has helped to make getting paid claims as quick and easy as possible. Their customer service is great- we never wait longer than a day for a response and their agents are awesome about working with our suggestions to continuously improve their platform. I am very excited to see how Strand can help us reach more patients with our clinical services and help pharmacy grow as a profession.

LeFave Pharmacy Michigan

STRAND has created an easy, user friendly platform for billing of my Diabetic Education classes. Anytime I've needed help, someone is always there to walk me through and troubleshoot my issues. The newest update in STRAND is clean, easy, and my claims are always super easy to track. There is almost no time in between my claim being sent and when I receive my paid claim. I love STRAND!

Carolyn Johnson Barne's Healthcare, Georgia

STRAND has helped me every step of the way from conception to implementation of our DSME program. The education material is state of the art and impactful and the billing capabilities within the STRAND Platform allow for quick and easy reimbursement for services provided. Best of all, STRAND has been the tool that has allowed me to make a meaningful impact in patient's lives by helping them take control of their diabetes and chronic conditions.

Ashley Ellis Mike's Pharmacy, MS

Sweet Spot was a very well put together program that was filled with vital information for people with diabetes and it was well accepted by the patient population. It is a great teaching tool for pharmacists and other healthcare providers to use when teaching diabetic patients.

Kristi Welch, RPh Mendenhall, MS

We absolutely love our CPTV in our pharmacy. Being able to customize it with relevant ads of the services that we offer is awesome! The production on the ads is top notch. We've had multiple patients comment on it and specifically on the ad that talks about eating more heart healthy nuts. It's become a bit of a catch phrase when the patients listen to it a couple of times while waiting for their scripts. Keep up the great work! Your turn key systems are second to none!

Court Hardy, Pharm D Hurricane Pharmacy